Posts from: February 2013

Couple in Heart, painted in Mithila / Madhubani Art

On the occasion of Valentines Day, posting a couple in heart, handpainted in  Mithila / Madhubani Art form. The bride and the bridegroom have been painted on heart shaped wooden structures (from AC Moore) along with Peacock,  Fish, Shankh as motifs in backdrop and border in the style of Mithila / Madhubani Art form. Bridegroom (“Var”…

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Candle stand handpainted in Mithila Painting

Peacock and lotus motifs features on the top part of the candle with Godna motifs on the base design with leaves forming the border in this Mithila style art. The colours were restricted to red, green and white to give a contemporary look. Most of my furniture where I intend to keep the pieces are…

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