Artist Nupur Nishith


Nupur Nishith is a New Jersey, USA based artist, born in Madhubani district of Mithila region in India.  Growing up in the environment famous for a unique ancient folk art of Mithila / Madhubani Paintings she took up the art at an early age from her mother. Even during education and profession in marketing and banking her passion for art continued through participation in exhibitions and conducting workshops in India.

Since moving to US she has tried to explore new avenues such as paper, cloth, wood, ceramic, terracotta, glass, everyday products etc. apart from the traditional paintings on walls and floors. Her interest in technology led her in taking the art form digital route in a way that the paintings can be printed in various modes for widespread reach. Her digital paintings have featured in an award winning film and clothing line for children.

She has evolved a unique style of art with an amalgamation of traditional motifs of ancient folk art with modern contemporary themes and tools with global appeal. Her paintings have been awarded and exhibited at various galleries, shows and publications in India and USA. Her paintings are also in the store at Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA. Her painting Dheeya (The Girl Child) won an award at the national juried art show Color organized by Brooklyn Waterfront Artists Coalition juried by curator from Museum of Modern Art (MoMA) in 2016. Her paintings are in private collections at many places all around the world. She featured among the popular people involved in social activities by Fame India Magazine – Asia Post Survey in 2017. Her hand painted Piano for Sing for Hope was displayed at Central Park, NYC during celebrations of 50 Years of Public Art in NYC Parks in 2017 and also featured on the popular CBS New York Sunday Morning Show and on display at Asian Art Museum, San Francisco, USA in 2018.

She also uses her art for social causes where she has made special paintings for NGOs working in the field of education and promotion of creative learning.

She maintains a website to promote Mithila Artform. The name self describes itself where her art is inspired from the traditional ancient art from Mithila though evolved in her own unique style.



I am a New Jersey based artist inspired by the art from my birthplace, Mithila or Madhubani paintings an ancient folk art from India. Over the years, I have evolved my own distinct style by fusing the contemporary ideas with traditional art form using modern tools.

Mithila Artform is famous for the details in the paintings in a flat two-dimensional perspective with no shading or overlapping. Taking it to the next level I draw inspiration for my art from my experience and surroundings. I visualize objects and situations in perspective to create the symbolic motifs and designs which makes my art unique and distinct. Mithila paintings use natural and bright colors with symbolic distinct features, which I never hesitate to experiment with while conserving the essence of the art form. I like to work mostly freehand without using any stencils or pattern tools on my projects.

I have learned through observation and everyday experiments. During research and production new areas of interest arise and lead to the next body of work. So, every piece that I create has a story to tell based on the research and its process of development.


- Nupur Nishith

Major Awards and Recognition



  • Brooklyn Waterfront Artist Coalition (BWAC) - COLOR - Certificate of Recognition -  July 2016. Juror Ms Lilian Tone, Assistant Curator at Museum of Modern Art (MoMA)
  • Light Space & Time Art Gallery - 6th Annual All Women Art Exhibition - Special Merit – Jan’ 2017.
  • Artsy Shark, Featured in article Digital Art Showcase, February’17
  • Fame India Magazine - Asia Post survey - Popular people involved in Public Activities in Jan’ 2017

Selected Shows

  • Bridge Art Gallery, Diwali Art Show, Featured Artist, Bayonne Library, NJ, Oct’18
  • Diwali Festival, Featured Artist, Maplewood, NJ, Oct’2018
  • Asian Art Museum, Painting is my Everything, San Francisco, CA, Sept’18-Dec’18
  • Pro Arts, Who Are We? Who am I?, Jersey City Art and Studio Tour, October’18 (Co-Curator)
  • City Hall Jersey City, Asian and Pacific Heritage Show, May’ 18
  • Saint Peter’s University, Pattern and Structure, Jersey City, NJ, Feb’18 – Mar’18
  • Panepinto Galleries, Through the eyes of an Artist, Jersey City, NJ, Oct ’17-May’18
  • Drawing Rooms, The Big Small Show, Jersey City, NJ, Dec’17 – May’18
  • Bridge Art Gallery, Diwali Exhibition 2017, Jersey City, NJ, October’17
  • Curator’s Choice-2 2017, Pro Arts, JCAST, Jersey City, NJ, October’17
  • Jersey City Art and Studio Tour (JCAST), JC Arts Council, Triangle Building, Jersey City, NJ, Oct’17
  • Open Doors, Sumei Multidisciplinary Art Center,Prospect Street Firestation Gallery, Newark, NJ, Oct’17
  • Artfront Galleries, NJCRI, Urban Revival, Newark, NJ, October’17
  • Jewish Community Center, Bayonne, NJ September’17 (Solo)
  • Art front Galleries, Urban Confluence III, Newark, NJ August’17
  • City Hall, Jersey City, NJ, Solstice, Pro Arts members show, June’17(co-curator)
  • Bayonne Museum, Spectrum 7, June 17 (organizing committee)
  • The Hive, Chester, NJ, Gashapon, May – June 17
  • JCC of Bayonne, Bayonne NJ, New Works, March – April, 17
  • Rotunda Gallery, Jersey City Hall, NJ Women’s History Month Show, March’ 17
  • Bridge Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, Dancer’s Delight, March’17
  • Barrow Mansion, Jersey City, NJ, The Holi and Art Experience, March’17 (Solo room)
  • Morris Arts, Gallery 14 Maple, Morristown, NJ, In flux, September’16 – February’17
  • Hob’art Gallery, Monroe Center, Hoboken, NJ, Celebrations II, January’17
  • Bridge Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, Diwali Art Exhibition, October - November 16
  • Barrow Mansion, Jersey City, NJ, Artist’s Choice, October 2016
  • City Life Gallery, Jersey City, what have you got to say? October’16
  • Jersey City Artist and Studio Tour (JCAST), Flagship venue, Jersey City, NJ, October’16
  • Bridge Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, Featured Artist at Gallery Opening, September - October 16
  • Jersey City Theater Center, Jersey City, NJ, Vanity, September- November’16
  • Brooklyn Waterworks Artists Coalition, COLOR, National Juried Show, Brooklyn, NY, July’16
  • Bee’s Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, Subject 13, June’16
  • Barrow Mansion, Jersey City, NJ, JC Fridays Art Show, June’16
  • Bayonne Museum, Bayonne, NJ, Spring Exhibit, April’16
  • Om Temple, Belleville, NJ, Diwali Event, November’15
  • Bee’s Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, Summer’s Last Dance, September’15
  • Bayonne Museum, Bayonne, NJ, April’15

Special Projects

  • Barat Foundation (Newark,NJ), Animodule, Bridge Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ Oct’18
  • Diwali Art Show, Bridge Art Gallery, Mithila Art Presentation, Bayonne Library, NJ, Oct’18
  • Diwali Festival, Mithila Art Workshop, Maplewood, NJ, Oct’18
  • Asian Art Museum, Hand Painted Piano, San Francisco, CA, Sept’18-Dec’18
  • Bridge Art Festival, Bayonne, NJ, September’18
  • 50 Years of Public Art in NYC Parks– Hand painted Piano– Central Park, New York, Oct’17 (Public Art)
  • Sing for Hope – Hand painted Piano–Plaza by 28th Liberty St, New York, June, 2017 (Public Art)
  • Bridge Art Festival, Bayonne, NJ, September’17 (Art Fair)
  • Floor Art and Window Art at Bridge Art Gallery, Bayonne, NJ, October – November 2016 (Art installation)
  • Design for Mithila Makhaan, Indian National Award-Winning Maithili Feature Film
  • Postcard design Science is Fun, Lucknow, India, an NGO working for promotion of Science.
  • Clothing design for Gnaana Company, Fullerton, CA, USA for a Children Clothing Line
  • Poster/ Mural design for Association for Promotion of Creative Learning, Patna, India


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