Bride and Groom in Mithila (Wedding Card)

Wedding Card designed as Bride and Groom in Mithila / Madhubani Painting

designed as and Groom in /

If you have been following my work, I had posted a wedding card sometime back.

Wedding Card for Bihari Bride & Assamese Groom

Since it was situation where the Bride was from and Groom from Assam, I had tried to create an amalgamation of the two cultures. The card became very popular and I was repeatedly asked to make a complete Maithil version.

So here the groom is also dressed up in Maithil attire with traditional Red Dhoti (bottom) , Red Dopta (shawl) and Mor (traditional Headgear for in Mithila). Since rest of the elements were also prevalant in Maithil culture they remained same.

At the cost of repeating, mentioning the details of the card once again.

The design of the Card starts with the Blessings of  Lord Ganesh on the top with symbolic Swastik amidst the sound of Shankh. The central part depicts the symbolic marriage where the Bride is dressed up in  traditional Bihari finery with the style of drape of the embroidery Saree and the Groom also  in traditional Maithil style with traditional Red Dhoti (bottom) , Red Dopta (shawl) and Mor (traditional Headgear for Bridegroom in Mithila). Lotus (Kamal) an auspicious symbol of prosperity is also present as a design in the Saree of the Bride.  The bottom part of the Card is highlighted with the presence of auspicious  wedding symbols in Mithila, Kalash with Mango Leaves and the auspicious Fish, symbol of growth of life.  The border of top and bottom segment have the presence of Betel Leaves (Paan) and Areca Nut (Supari / Tamul)  an auspicious symbol in Maithil weddings.

Although, Jaimala is not a traditional ritual in Mithila but I took this as a concept since it took place during the wedding of Ram and Sita in Mithila.  And the ritual has become popular in recent times in Maithil weddings too.

Mode of Creation: Digital Painting

Artist : Nupur Nishith

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