Couple in Heart, painted in Mithila / Madhubani Art

Couple in Hearts painted in Mithila Art

in Hearts painted in

On the occasion of , posting a couple in heart, handpainted in   / form.

The bride and the bridegroom have been painted on heart shaped wooden structures (from AC Moore) along with Peacock,  Fish, Shankh as motifs in backdrop and border in the style of Mithila / form.

Bridegroom (“Var” in Mithila language) and Bride (“Kaniya” in Mithila language) have been written in the Tirhuta (Mithilakshar) script on the respective Hearts.

A restriction of colours have been used to create a twist the the work with the use of White, Black and yellow with Red as base of heart. As you can see, Orange has only been used on the face.

 With Wood as base,   was used as mode of paint to highlight the details which is important to Mithila art. 

Base: Wood

Paint: Acrylic

Mode: Handmade

Artist : Nupur Nishith

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