Diwali Decorations in Mithila theme

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Diwali decorations inspired from Maithil traditions and artform.

Wall decorations :
Auspicious element used as motifs in Mithila painting are painted on the red plates.
Elements highlights : Shankh, Surya, Lotus, Trishool etc.

Mandir Decoration:
Maithil Aripan (Floor Painting) used to decorated the base of the  Mandir. The Mandir also is a DIY project with a normal side table made the Sinhasan ( throne of ) with use of cardboards, wrapping paper, decorative laces and some paint. Aripan in context is Ashtdal kamal aripan which is used in auspicious Puja ceremonies in Mithila.

Aripan or the Floor Paintings:
Ashtdal Kamal (style of Lotus ) Aripan is made on the floor near the Mandir with Rice paste with Vermilion (sindoor) dots as part of the Maithil traditions. At the main entrance to the house the Aripan of Lotus  with the footprints of God and Goddess is also made as a symbol to welcome the God and Goddess.

Artist and Arrangement by Nupur Nishith

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