Glass Vase handpainted in Mithila Painting (White base)

Glass Vase hand painted in motifs of  Mithila / Madhubani Painting

Glass hand painted in motifs of Mithila /

Glass Vase hand painted in style inspired from the motifs of Mithila / .

Lotus, Shankh and flower motifs features on the vase border in this Mithila style . The colours were restricted to red, green and white with hint of yellow to highlight a border sort of look.

Most of my furniture where I intend to keep the pieces are dark in colour from Brown to Mahagony to Black, so while working with Glass vase and candle stand I found out light and bright colours come out better , so the use of white in place of usual black for outlines turned out to be good. 

With Glass as base,  Acrylic/ Enamel paint  was used as mode of paint to highlight the details which is important to

Base: Glass

Paint: Acrylic/ Enamel

Mode: Handmade Painting

Artist : Nupur Nishith

This is first glass vase in the series of two where similar vase were painted with variation in style to give each one a distinct look. I’ll post the other vase as it is ready.


Other paintings on Glass  on this site:

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