Glass Vase handpainted in Mithila Painting (Yellow base)

Glass Vase hand painted in motifs of  Mithila / Madhubani Painting

Glass hand painted in motifs of Mithila /

Glass Vase hand painted in style inspired from the motifs of Mithila / .

As promised , this is second in the series of two where similar vase were painted with variation in style to give each one a distinct look. The first vase being Glass Vase handpainted in Mithila Painting (White base) .

is highlighted with shankh and lotus as border motifs feature in yellow base in Mithila style inspired vase. As you can see the colours have been restricted to red, green with yellow as base. 

Most of my furniture where I intend to keep the pieces are dark in colour from Brown to Mahagony to Black, so while working with Glass vase and candle stand I found out light and bright colours come out better, so the use of black was avoided  and it turned out to be good. 

With Glass as base,  Acrylic/ Enamel paint  was used as mode of paint to highlight the details which is important to

Base: Glass

Paint: Acrylic/ Enamel

Mode: Handmade Painting

Artist : Nupur Nishith


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Handmade Painting on Glass (Vase & Candle stand)

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