Honorable Mention – Women 2017 – ArtisTTable

Painting Panchtatva - The five elements by Nupur Nishith as the cover for Women 2017 art competition at ArtisTTable  - Artists International.  

Woman 2017 is 23rd exhibition in all and 4th Woman exhibition at ArtisTTable online art gallery.  Artists from 17 countries have participated in the competition. This exhibition is an all media and open themed show, which means that any subject matter or discipline was welcome. The only criteria was that the work was to be created by women.  Clarissa Lewis is the juror for Woman 2017. She is a classically trained and accomplished painter herself. Her main focus over the last few years is in the direction of portraiture. Top Three awards and 9 Honorable mentions were give to the arttists. 

 Juror Statement

"First off let me say I imagined this would be an easy task - to pick twelve of my favorite pieces and whittle it down to the most superb three. I was sorely mistaken. This show made me marvel at the skills, minds, and thoughtfulness of the artist behind each piece. The variety of mediums, textures, dimensions, and feelings evoked was truly spectacular. I feel honored to have felt the beauty and seen the emotions conjured up from judging this show. Thank you very much."

Painting Dheeya - The Girl Child by Nupur Nishith has been awarded with Honourable mention in the art competition Women 2017. 

Juror Statement for Dheeya - The Girl Child - A completely delicious, modern, and crisply-clean little delicacy in perfect, geometric, two-  dimensional form.

Four Paintings by Nupur Nishith  Antardwandwa - Dilemma,  Dheeya - The Girl Child,  Panchtatva - Five Elements , Rangnritya - Dance of Colors are in the art competition.

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Antardwandwa - Dilemma

Dheeya - The Girl Child

Panchtatva - Five Elements

Rangnritya - Dance of Colors

Special Merit in All Women Art 2017 at Light Space & Time