Sounds of Nature – Piano Art

Nupur Nishith has painted a piano in the motifs inspired from the Mithila / Madhubani Paintings an ancient folk art from India for New York based organisation Sing for Hope, as part of the largest public display initiative in New York in 2017 .

Base: Wooden Piano | Paint: Acrylic colors | Mode: Handmade Painting by Brush

 About the Piano 

"I have dedicated the design of the piano to Nature hence the name Sounds of Nature.  The elements incorporated in the design draws reference from nature with presence of Sun, Birds, Animals, flowers, leaves and the Earth Goddess. The design can be stated as the three segments of Nature with Sky area, Earth or Land area and Water area. Sky segment is highlighted on top with bright Sun among the clouds and flying birds. The Land Area is highlighted on front with the Earth Goddess, beautiful chirpy peacocks on both the sides and animals on the back side. The Water area is highlighted on the bottom with lotus and fishes. These colorful elements from nature intend to bring joy and satisfaction to the art and music lovers.  I have tried to create a blend of bright colors with intricate details inspired from the Mithila artform. As per my style of art I have painted mostly freehand by brush and acrylic without using stencils or pattern tools by hands. As with my style, I visualized the objects and situations in two-dimensional perspective to create the motifs and designs which makes the art unique and distinct.

My art is inspired from the motifs of an ancient folk art from India , Mithila Painting or as popularly known Madhubani painting.  I have evolved a style of my own with variance in use of colors, motifs and themes.   I do most of my work free hand with no use of any stencil or any such fixed format. These artwork are original of the artist so please refrain form any sort of plagiarism. "

- Nupur Nishith


Sing for Hope

Sing for Hope is a New York based non profit organization which believes that the arts have unmatched power to uplift, unite, and transform lives and all people deserve access to them. 

They place artist-designed pianos throughout NYC’s parks and public spaces for anyone and everyone to play. For three weeks this June, the pianos will bring individuals and communities together in an open festival of art for all. After their time on the streets, Sing for Hope will transport the instruments in NYC public schools, where they will become hubs for Sing for Hope’s ongoing creative programs and enrich students’ lives for years to come.

This year, Sing for Hope will place its 400th unique piano artwork in the five boroughs, making NYC host to more street pianos than any other city in the world. As New York City’s largest recurring public art project in NYC, the Sing for Hope Pianos impacts an estimated 2 million people each year.

Later the Pianos are donated for the recreation of children in Public Schools. 

The 2017 Sing for Hope Pianos will be on public display for all to enjoy from June 5-25, 2017!

More details on Sing for Hope Website

Location for Public Display : 28 Liberty Plaza, 28 Liberty St, New York, NY

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