Mithila (Madhubani) Painting in Siddhant (Engagement) Ceremony in Mithila

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These paintings were made for the Siddhant (Engament) Ceremony of my brother, Himadri Mayank with the lovely girl, Shruti.

The first painting is the backdrop for the ceremony made in the style of Mithila / .  The painting is graced with the presence of  Lord Ganesh giving his blessing to the couple . Lord Ganesh is considered as important to hindu weddings in .  It also features the presence of auspicious Paan (Betel Leaves) and Supari (Areca Nut) along with other elements.

The second painting is the design made to decorate the Daala ( a bamboo tray from Mithila) made with the motifs of Mithila / Painting . This painting too is graced with the presence of Lord Ganesh  giving blessing to the couple . The painting also features the presence of auspicious Paan (Betel Leaves) and Supari (Areca Nut) , Shankh, Lotus, Kalash, Ladoos (Ganesh ji favourite sweet) along with other elements.

In Mithila  region, Daala (a round Bamboo tray)   is an important element where the auspicious things are kept during the and related rituals.  Daala is a round Bamboo tray with a small stand. Traditionally, they have been decorated beautifully with a paper wrapped on it and  hand painted with auspicious motifs.  (I will post the picture of the decorated Daala once I get them).

Siddhant is a tradition in Mithila where the Panjikar (one who keeps the records of all the people in Mithila and their genetic history) ,  after examining the genealogy of the Bride & Bridegroom side gives a written permission to both sides for the commitment to marriage in the presence of the community including people from both side. Mostly the young unmarried brothers of bride and the groom on their behalf commit to the proposed marriage of the two in front of the Panjikar and the members of the community.

I have added the image of the Daala decorated with the painting mentioned painting for the Siddhant in Mithila.

The highlighted image is of the complete Daala with auspicious Paan (betel) filled with ingredients typical of Mithila and Masala packets filled with Dry fruits, sweets etc ( this is distributed to all the people present at the occasion. The image also features the Kalash (or Lota as it is called in Mithila). This Kalash holds an extreme importance during the ritual of Siddhant in Mithila as brothers of the bride and the groom hold this Kalash while making the commitment for the proposed marriage in the presence of the community.

Mode of Creation : Digital Painting

Artist : Nupur Nishith

This post is dedicated to the handsome couple who are deeply in love, Mayank and Shruti. Love you guys. 😉

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