Garbhachakra (Struggle of Womb)

  • Canvas, Gallery

Art by Nupur Nishith

Medium: Acrylic on Canvas

Size: 36 x 24 in

Year: 2017



Hand painted in the motifs of Mithila or as popularly known Madhubani paintings, an ancient folk art from India.

Mithila Artform is famous for the details in the paintings in a flat two-dimensional perspective with no shading or overlapping. Taking it to the next level Artist draws inspiration from experience and surroundings. Objects and situations have been visualized in two-dimensional perspective to create the motifs and designs which makes her art unique and distinct. Symbolic motifs and designs to be incorporated in the paintings. Mithila paintings use natural and bright colors with symbolic distinct features which she likes to experiment. She likes to work mostly freehand without using any stencils or pattern tools on my various projects.

So, every piece has a story to tell based on the research and its process of development.

The design is original to the artist so please refrain from any sort of plagiarism.