Wall Painting in Mithila Marriage

Wall Painting made in Mithila Village during a marriage

Wall made in Village during a

This is a part of made in Mithila village during a marriage.

Theme: Ram and Sita Swayamwar.

In the Mithila region there has been a tradition to decorate walls during marriages and various other ceremonies with handmade paintings. Now with concrete walls are painted with white limestone (Chuna). So the base is white in colour instead of the earlier mud walls which use to be in brown colour (colour of mud).  Traditionally these paintings were made with the use of natural colours with the help of bamboo brushes.  These paintings were mainly done by the members of the family.

During a marriage we attended few years back, my mother was given the task to paint these walls. Now since I was in  high school and a “big girl” , mother asked me to join too. I thought that was a smart move by her to relax and put me to job 😉 . However it was an interesting experience.  After that I painted on walls independently on few other occasions too but somehow not able to locate the pictures.

Base: Concrete Wall whitewashed with Limestone 

Paint : Colours made fron naturals substances

Mode : Handmade

Artist: Mridula Prakash and Nupur Nishith

PS: Please excuse for the picture quality. this is an scanned version of an old pic.

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