Wine Glass handpainted in motifs of Mithila Painting (Decor Item)

Wine Glass handpainted in motifs of  Mithila / Madhubani Painting ( Decor Item)

handpainted in motifs of / ( Item)

Wine glass handpainted with motifs  inspired from Mithila / .  The is highlighted with motifs of Lotus and flowers in the base. 

I wanted to give the work a twist so painted the glass from inside. The reflection of the painting made on inside of the glass gives a nice texture and smoothness when you see it from outside. In this I limited the colours to gold and white to give is a brightness since I was painting it all filled up with opaque paint and also add a twist to the work. 

Unfortunately you can’t drink in this Glass since it has been painted inside out. However it can be used as a decor item. Here in this pic I have used it as a Candle stand.

With Glass as base,  Enamel  was used as mode of paint to highlight the details which is important to .

Base: Glass

Paint: Enamel

Mode: Handmade Painting

Artist : Nupur Nishith


Other paintings on Glass  on this site:

Update: I have been informed its a Margarita Glass not a Wine Glass. Apologies for my unawareness. I can be excused for that being a non drinker. 😉 

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