Wooden Photo Frames handpainted in Mithila Art

Wooden Photo Frames hand-painted in Mithila / Madhubani Art

Wooden Photo Frames hand-painted in /

Lotus, Fish, Shankh as motifs on Wooden Photo Frames hand painted in the style of Mithila / form.

The base of the photo frames were kept in Bold colours with motifs of detailed in the style of Line . The essence of colour of was tried to be maintained with the restriction of not going overboard as the photo to be displayed in these frames might have colours of their own. 

 With Wood as base,  Acrylic paint was used as mode of paint to highlight the details which is important to Mithila art. 

Base: Wood

Paint: Acrylic

Mode: Handmade Painting

Artist : Nupur Nishith

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